San Diego has an atmosphere of its own, proudly more relaxed than its northern neighbors yet still vibrant with opportunities for unique experiences. With an ever-growing and enticing vegan scene, we thought you’d appreciate a few highlights. Here is a quick list of five unique (and vegan) dining experiences you’ll want to enjoy while visiting or stay-cationing in San Diego.

Plant Power Fast Food all-vegan drive thru (Encinitas)

When Plant Power Fast Food opened its second location, it took the place of a former Burger King, allowing the all-vegan chain to open its first vegan drive-thru, complete with an order window and a pick-up window. This chain offers excellent vegan versions of America’s favorite fast food items, such as double-patty burgers and breakfast sandwiches with hashbrowns.

Photo of Plant Power Fast Food storefront.
Photo by @CarlyIsVegan.

Kindred vegan metal bar

The all-vegan bar Kindred in San Diego’s South Park neighborhood is not to be missed during your San Diego food hop. Engaging decor and metal music enhances the atmosphere, with dedicated details carried through to the restrooms. The unique and high quality food and desserts have elevated Kindred to one of San Diego’s top vegan eateries.

Donna Jean made-from-scratch everything

Donna Jean quickly made a name for itself when its doors opened in Bankers Hill near Balboa Park. With a goal of making everything in-house from scratch, and using as much of its plant-based ingredients as possible, head chef Roy Elam has gotten Donna Jean nearly 98% there. Leftover parts of garlic bulbs and onions are dried and turned into garlic and onion powder. The sous-chef at Donna Jean, Tony Howe, performs vegan cheese wizardry, making magic happen with house-made cheese.

Photo by @CarlyIsVegan.

By Rosaline magical pop-up foods and wizardry

Speaking of wizardry, By Rosaline consistently wows crowds with creative menu items that are as delicious as they are beautiful. Her Unicorn Elote took the internet by storm with its deceptively sweet-looking yet savory-tasting street corn. You can catch this pop-up vendor at many vegan events around San Diego County, including Vegan in San Diego’s First Friday Night Market.

Photo by @CarlyIsVegan.

Peace Pies all-raw eats and sweets

For all the raw vegan enthusiasts in San Diego, Peace Pies offers two eateries to satisfy your cravings. You can find this all-raw vegan eatery in Ocean Beach and Encinitas, with savory dishes like raw lasagna and sweet treats like raw cheesecake.

Photo by @PeacePiesRaw.

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